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Children terrified in their beds, parents at wit’s end with no place to turn and psychiatrists unable to dissuade them both their enemy is imaginary.  Until one night, the mortal sacrifice of a young mother draws forth from her distant past her child’s father.  A famous, yet reclusive mystery writer, never having known of his daughter’s existence, must now become her guardian.  His mission, to save her from the same fate as her mother.  Now with the forces of the rational people allied against them, the writer and his daughter must join with a psychologist and her daughter in a battle to save themselves and the children of Halton as he hopes to write the final chapter… One which ends the supernatural reign of an urban legend all children call The Boogeyman… Or one that concludes with his new family’s murder.



     PAGES:       774 pages

     EDITION:    Trade Paperback

     ISBN-13:     978-1478278337
     ISBN-10:     1478278337


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